torsdag 15. mars 2018

I close my eyes
and there you are
I can smell you
I can hear you
I can sense your touch
on my skin
there isn´t a moment
without you

yet you´re not here
with me
you are somewhere else
with someone else
another life
parallel to mine
I don´t mind
I know someone will love me the exact amount I should be loved
but in my minds eye
I wish it was you
I´m sorry
its not

never was

you draw me in
you´ve shown me things
I never thought I´d see
or feel
but baby its not us
it never was
the wear and tear
it got to us
it bit into us
it made us
into that thing
we never wanted to be
and I think 
its time we realized
that its not us
it never was

fredag 9. mars 2018


holding on
is about letting go
is about entering
is about existing
is about being kissed
is about thinking
is about feeling
is about opening up
is about knowing
or not knowing
is about listening
or silence
is about sensing
is about getting somewhere
is about experiencing
is about patience
is about channeling
about about about
a b out
ab o ut
is about storing
is about cleansing
is about escaping
is about letting go
and taking in
holding on
is about letting go


Pull me in
a little closer
so I can smell your skin
so I can caress it
feel the little hairs
your little hairs
those that will grow and fall off
for what am I
but a vessel for you
to express your love
and anger
and regret
and fear
and pain
through and through

it is I who will listen to your secrets
and hide them for you
it is I who will let you know
when you have overstepped your boundaries
not my boundaries
but everyone else´s
it is I who will be asked
to love you unconditonally
no questions asked
maybe even no strings attached
the one
tying me to you

love is patient and love is kind
but it is not only that
it is also vicious
and unforgiving
and even though it might take you places
you never thought you´d go
maybe some of those places
are ones that you don´t want to see
are places that make you feel things you didn´t need to feel
or want
so I ask you
to pull me in
a little closer
let me smell your skin
let me caress it
but please let me exist
the way I want to
be the person I should be
and not the one you want
and if not..
the string will break
and you will be left with no vessel
no emotional harness
no safety net
and me..

maybe I will be better

mandag 5. mars 2018


i am a spider
and that´s not an easy thing for me to admit
because I actually loathe spiders
or I fear them
not sure which of the two is more accurate

something about them makes me shiver
I don´t know if it its because they´re silent
and they sneak up on you without any warning
or if its the fact that you´re never sure
if they have venom
you don´t know if the one staring at you
doing the slow walk
is lethal

nonetheless I have decided I am a spider
because I read somewhere that it´s good to face your fears
that it leaves you with a sense of reward
so I´m calling myself a spider
even though I wouldn´t know the first thing about being a spider
but I don´t think it can be so complicated to have
tens of eyes
and tens of legs

tirsdag 27. februar 2018

why writing is therapeutic and why I am starting again

It has been ages since I wrote something on this blog, a place I have kept mostly for myself as a sort of playground, a place I know almost no one visits, which makes it easy to store almost anything here.

So why did I stop?

And I mean, STOP. Because not only did I stop writing this blog, but almost stopped writing altogether.  Gone are the days of whimsical scribblings, political thoughts and hobby poetry, or at least they have been. for a long time.

The only thing I have continued doing is writing lyrics, but not without cause, never without there being a purpose for them.

Writing used to signify something for me, something which in the later years just became work. It used to be a way to let off some steam, to give space to feelings, to be able to see them on paper and in that way understand more about myself. At what point did I decide that it was time to stop seeing them? To stop understanding myself? Writing gives a new dimension to thoughts and feelings, a place where they are allowed to exist, a place to store them, to leave them, to escape them, because the mind needs help to empty, to process. And writing can be that help. It can serve as a sort of meditation, giving the mind a focus point, and the opportunity to delve deeper into some thoughts instead of either ignoring them or simply watching them pass by.

I think social media has influenced my transition into not writing at all, because of the exhibitionism it promotes and asks for. I think it makes people, including me, get away with superficial observations, and at the same time it constantly asks for more. So you get these mixed feelings - on the one hand you would like to pour your heart out to your friends, but you know that the more friends you have and the more frequently you do it, the less personal it becomes and it therefore separates itself from your actual feelings. So writing loses its importance. It´s like having a public diary, you can´t be honest so you filter out stuff, but at the same time you don´t keep an actual diary, and so those feelings that exist in between never get to come out.

The rise of social media has also brought (in my opinion) a huge focus on oneself, on what one does careerwise, that each move you make on social media needs to include some awesomeness, some talent, something unique - and this might make you shift focus - you no longer write because you want to, or you feel the need to, you either write because you want to be a writer, or you don´t write at all because you are afraid of being judged for not being better.

Anyway, these are the reasons I stopped writing, according to my intellect. Now, according to my heart things get rather easy, and rather complicated at the same time. Feelings are not easy. Thoughts are not easy. Sorting them out is NOT easy. Exposing ones vulnerability to oneself is one of the scariest things for me. Accepting what´s good and sorted and what could be better but also what really needs to change in one´s life is not easy to stare into just like that.

But I am starting again. Starting to write and express things, here, in my little corner. Maybe things will get easier to face. Maybe sorting out feelings and thoughts will get easier. Maybe writing will be fun again.

mandag 7. juli 2014

I dream of Grandma

Last night I saw something in my sleep. A sort of dream.

There were only two people in my dream - my grandmother and I. She was in her - now- permanent Alzheimer's "haze" and we were having a surreal chat as we seem to have a lot lately. In the middle of this chat, her eyes came to life and she used a phrase she never uses anymore. Something connected to her pre-Alzheimer's self. What she said is not important, it was the way she said it, and that following that phrase we had a conversation about a movie star she remembered vividly and suddenly she was there, my grandmother, and she knew me and she knew the world and herself and then, in a split second she was lost again.

So I wake up and my whole arm is numb, apparently I had slept on it, and I start shaking it violently as if I am shaking away the thought that my grandmother will ever be who she was again .. and I am crying loudly as if it was the first time, but as I feel the blood returning to my arm again, the crying stops and in I turn silent. And then I fall asleep.

Last week was hectic. I was back home, in Mykonos, and it was summer and the sun was out and my friends and family were there and we swam and tanned and ate good food. And every day I would spend a little time with grandma, some days more than others, but knowing that she will only get worse, I need to see her, even just a little bit, I need to fill my head with moments of her.

We have been taking care of her for approx. four years now. The last year and a half has been more intense, since her Alzheimer's progress seems to accelerate - her kids; my uncle, my aunt and my mom, have been taking turns on looking after her - one or two months at a time. So in October - November my mom and aunt went on holiday and I said I would look after her, I had just finished university and I was not working, so staying in Mykonos to take care of my grandmother sounded like a dream. Love all around. Sometimes it really felt like a dream.

I was exhausted. I worked at a fruit and veg-shop from 8-2 every day, and the rest of my day was dedicated to grandma. It's not much, I know. But after a week, I started feeling it. Some days I left for an hour or two to go running, and I knew she was sleeping and it would be fine. Yes, it was hard. The emotional aspect of it was the hardest, and the most difficult to deal with, because I was alone with her. But it was all worth it. To take care of a family member with Alzheimer's, or any other disease for that matter, you have to look past your own limitations and "zone of intimacy" issues, I made jokes about it and she always laughed! "Look what it's come down to, the granddaughter changing the grandmothers nappies! Isn't it meant to be the other way around?!" And she would burst with laughter, probably because she would see the irony sometimes but also because I was laughing and she thought I was funny.. It's hard to know. Alzheimer's does that to you. You try and fail or succeed and then you take it from there.

At least to a certain point.

Last week was hectic. Grandma's condition has worsened, so up until last week, we used to cut up her food and eat with her, checking how much she put in her mouth and whether she swallowed it or not. I don't remember exactly which day it was, but as I am sitting with her at the table, and she is eating, I see her trying to grab more food than she can handle and putting it all in her mouth - at once. Yes, like a child would do. And as I stop her from doing those things - a thought passes through my mind - if she continues like this, we will be facing a choking incident. I look at her and she takes a bite, then she drops her arms down and her eyes turn to glass, they are open but she is gone, and she drops down into the chair and towards the floor. I react immediately - it was as if I saw it coming - and for a split second I try the Heimlich on her afraid that I might break her rib bones, but as I know that my dad is next door and he is a doctor, I shout like I've never shouted before: DAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!! DAD!!!!! My dad reacts immediately and runs to us, he hits her hard on her back and does the Heimlich, twice, and puts his fingers in her mouth and grabs the three bites of meat she had stored in her mouth.

And she is back.

This all probably happened in 10-15 seconds. But it felt like hours. As she wakes up, my panic sets in, and I run outside, hiding my tears from her. My mom hugs me, she is crying too, and says: "Someone who knows needs to take over."

We can no longer take care of her. She has gotten to a point where she needs constant medical supervision, and we have accepted it.

It was all decided quickly. My mom went to see this amazing nursing home in Athens that deals with Alzheimer's, and she booked her in. She is there now. She has left her house, her life in Mykonos and a part of herself. I think it was supposed to be like this, it all happened so quickly that we didn't have time for goodbyes and closures and all of these things that would have made it even harder.

We all know that she will never come back to her house, and it feels like a chapter of our life has ended too. So in a way, it is an ending.

But it is also a beginning.